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Energy optimization los angeles

A solution to maximise your cultural or leisure facility Energy Optimisation

Our experience and expertise combine with our passion for innovative technologies to create an adaptive management solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.
EliGreen adjusts to your space by creating individual access points for each entry, every situation as well as all of your guests.
We consider the unique demands of each space and work with you to find the optimal solutions to your challenges.

How It Works

    Simplify decision-making with our tool
    Prediction consumption
    Determine your break-even point in real time
    Reduce energy costs
    Create reports and analysis

Installing an Olympic swimming pool EliGreen can reduce water consumption by 50%
Commercial building – Head office of Elisath EliGreen reduced gas consumption by 20%

Who is EliGreen ?

For over 20 years, Elisath puts its expertise at the service of its customers.
Hence our desire to commit to create a ticketing of the future, intelligent access control and favor sustainable management of sports and cultural venues, and leisure parks.
French leader in computerized ticketing and access control for sports equipment with 80 % market share of French pools, Elisath consolidates with its advanced in focus, valuing its expertise on a national and international level.

You can also find Elisath in Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Singapore, Gabon and Albania, among other countries.
Want to see us in action? Come see us  If you would like to know more about our products, we would be happy to have you here in France.
Visit a facility currently using our programs, watch a demonstration of our products or meet with engineers.

Energy optimization los angeles

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